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Celebrating 26 Years of Success and striving for more

  Zuhair Murad & Sons “Group of Companies ” was founded in the year 1979, as a private limited liability company in Palestine under the name of “Murad Trading & Manufacturing Co. Ltd.”, specialized in import, sales and service of "Electronics, Brown Goods, Electrical Home Appliances, Air-conditions, and General Trade".

   To maintain steady growth, expansion, in the year 1996 establishes new company in Jordan under the name of “ Zuhair Issa Murad & Sons Co.” specialized on the same group field.

   To providing quality products and services, the company focused in handling the pioneer brands in our field which representative today by Toshiba, General Electric, Lagermania, Hotpoint, Fox and Ocean.

   The company also focused on developing and maintaining deep rooted business ties with individual customers, dealers, suppliers, public sector and group employees as one family from its earliest days as all considered one family

   Customer satisfaction and after sales service was driven from our vision "Smile" which invert the full welfare and satisfaction from our discerning clientele who have come to expect the best after sales service. Hence all the product supplied by Zuhair Murad Co. are supported by highly committed service teams, well qualified engineers and technicians who are well trained and capable to handle any needed service.

   The service teams are actively managed by responding immediately for any customer service calls, following safety and maintaining adequate quantity of spare parts to meet service requirements. Also a highly organized transportation system is in place to secure timely service and deliveries.

   We Strive to remain the Best Service Provider in electronics and electrical appliances in our territories.

   Committed to people by providing quality products and the best after sales service for our customers, Committed to the future by securing quality products to enhance the people life, and hence providing quality services utilizing latest technology which leads to thriving healthy society.

   The growth of our business in the future is linked with satisfaction of our clients, employees and stakeholders.

  Show Rooms

   1-Wasfi Altal St. showroom - Main Branch
   2-Almsdar St. showroom – Distributing Management
   3-Alsalam Showroom
   4-Alaqba distributing center


   Management: Dr.Zuhair Issa Murad – President & CEO
   Mr.Raed Zuhair Murad – General Manager
   Mr.Mansour Zuhair Murad – Deputy General Manager
   Employees: 75 Persons
   Coverage: Retail & Whole Sale
   Assets: USD$. 5.00 Million
   Annual Sales: USD$. 15.00 Million

  Maintenance Center

   1 Main Center And Center For :
   Express Services.
   We always keep enough spare parts.
   We have 4 mobile service centers shooting the problems at clients resident Or office.
   Our Aim that problem should be solved within 24 hours.